You have found the ultimate guide to simple and easy food choices. Eating healthy is not black and white; it’s all about making better food choices whenever we can. Making healthy food choices isn’t possible unless we know how.

  • How do we read food ingredient lists?
  • What do food labels really mean?
  • What are the healthy aspects of a food or food product?
  • What are the unhealthy aspects of a food or food product?
  • What is the environmental impact of a food or food product?
  • What can we do at home?
  • New Gluten-Free Section


Like most things there is a learning curve where you’ll need to get familiar with what’s on a label and what it means.

The first part of eating healthy is understanding food labels and ingredient lists so you can make a choice.

The next part of eating healthy is determined by what you have in your kitchen and how you prepare food. By stocking your kitchen with simple healthy foods and learning to prepare them quickly and easily you will not only eat healthier but you’ll save money and help the environment too. In fact, we were able to eliminate over 60% of our garbage over the last several months, most of it just by eliminating processed foods.

Once you have healthy food in the house you’ll need to learn several variations with flavors. The key to eating healthy and not getting bored is variety; it’s the spice of life! Eating healthy and saving money does not mean that you need to survive on rice and beans.

People have moved away from cooking because we have made it so complicated. In this day of fancy chefs and complicated recipes no one knows how to cook by flavor any more. When you develop a basic understanding of food and how ingredients work together you’ll find yourself shopping at your neighborhood food store, confidently loading your cart with foods and spices that save you money and make you healthier.

This website has many delicious easy recipes, links to other recipes, and ideas for creating wonderful, healthy meals. Learn how to stock the right foods in your pantry so you can walk into the kitchen at anytime and make a simple yet delicious meal with very little time. The choices that you make when buying food can cut your cooking time down, we’ll show you how to shop for those foods, prep ingredients, buy in bulk and make several meals from one whole chicken.

We hope that this website will help you make simple healthy food choices for you and your family.